Heroes of the Sun and Sky


I think it was Hobo Saggins!

Elken’s Journal, Entry 27th day of the month of Oak

Quest for revenge still in progress. I’m getting closer!

Strange goings on in Fallcrest these days. Hobo Saggins, one of the Heroes of Fallcrest, was accused of murder! Here’s what happened. Part of this I saw, part was told to me by an informant in Fallcrest.

I was drinking in the Silver Unicorn with the Heroes. The halfling barmaid, Katrina, kept winking and smiling at Hobo. He seemed pretty pleased to me. Now, I had to head out to meet with a source, so I took off early, say, 11? Hobo, Sigma Squared, and Balek Magmabeard (who I just met), looked like they planned to be tossing back ale for a while. I’ve only known Balek a few hours, but I haven’t seen him yet without a drink in his hand…

So this next part I heard from a semi-reliable source. I’ve recorded him as faithfully as possible, so I apologize to anyone reading this.

[As told to Elken]
The crowd had begun to dwindle, so the barkeep and owner of the Silver Unicorn, Otho, sent the barmaid out on some errand. That Otho, he’s a fat little halfling with a bunch of big rings on his fat little fingers. He’s been making good on the fame of the Heroes of Fallcrest, ya’ know? He was cut up pretty bad that one time, you know about that, right?

The room was down to mostly them that were staying at the inn and some shady sorts at the bar. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly the bar was in chaos! A bunch of thugs attacked the Heroes, don’t they know what these guys can do? Seems they were led by an elf with an axe (a bow?) to grind…

[Elken’s note]
This elf was the one that we tangled with when we were battling Ohio Jackson. The one that got away? Ok, back to the story.

[The story]
Anyway, the elf starts shooting arrows into the bar patrons, and the thugs tried to jump the Heroes. Sigma and Balek are handling the thugs in the bar, right?, so Hobo chases that elf out the front of the inn. Time for some payback, right? He catches that elf, and lets him have it. ‘Round that time he hears cries for help back behind the inn. Well, here’s where it all goes to the deepest of the nine hells. Hobo ends up at the end of an ally, staring at the body of the barmaid, you’ll remember that’s Katrina, she’s stone dead. THAT’s when the guards show up. Never a guard when you need one, and then you’re standing over the body of a dead girl with a bloody knife on the ground beside her, and here are two companies right together. That’s what I always say.

Those bar thugs turned out to be dock workers from lowtown, but more on that in a minute.

So Hobo winds up locked in a guard tower, and Sigma and Balek had to go break him out. Sigma and Hobo pried the bars out of the window of the cell, while Balek got the cell keys with magic. Man, I wish I could do magic. I’d magic me up another beer. Why thank you, yes, I will have another! Oh, right. Hobo got his gear, and the party set off to figure out who set Hobo up.

Ol’ Otho sends them to his closest competition, Erandil at the Nentir Inn, across the river. Randy (he hates it when I call him that) helps them figure out that them thugs were porters, and that they hang out down at the dock at the portage in lowtown. Ah, lowtown, you can always find trouble there.

In a warehouse in the docks, the Heroes found trouble, oh yes, trouble. Always trouble. So anyway… couple of elves, a human, and a lizardfolk? Now that you don’t see very often… Not in town, lestways. Anyway, the lizard, big fella, heard he was called Charlie, you ever heard of a lizard called Charlie? ‘course you haven’t. So the party works ‘em over, and leaves most of them for the guards. Is there a squad of guards patrolling the docks at night? It’s what I always say.

So they learn two things then, and these are them. One, Strongbeard, you know Strongbeard right? He’s dead, you know? More on that in a minute. Anyways, Strongbeard runs the porters guild, lestways he did, and so he’s the boss. And everyone knows the porters are a bunch of thugs. So the porters, those beat up dockworkers, they tell the Party that Strongbeard took a contract from a wealthy, fat halfling to set up this bar brawl. And two, remember there were two things? Two, they find some fat rings with fat jewels on them in the warehouse. Payment, for services rendered? Could be, could be… Fat rings from a fat halfling.

So with a bit more investigatin’, the Party finds its way back to the Silver Unicorn, and Otho comes out with it as soon as they come in the door. How I hears it, he was terrified he’d get caught. He hired the porters so he could get rid of Katrina and frame ol’ Hobo. Seems Otho had a thing for Katrina, not that she ever looked twice at him, she only had eyes for Hobo Saggins. Poor girl, couldn’t have picked a worse choice as far as Otho was concerned. He blamed Hobo Saggins for that scar on his neck sure as… well, sure as sure.

Only problem was, once the party found out the porters were bringing in Lizardfolk, well, then everybody had to go. Otho was in big trouble. He wanted a nice safe cell so the porters couldn’t get him. Well, Strongbeard threw up an ambuscade outside the inn, caught everyone they wanted nice and neat. Strongbeard himself showed up for this one. Big ol’ brawler of a dwarf, that one. Put up a good fight, did Strongbeard, not that you can say the same for his goons. First snarl out of Sigma’s beak, I hear half ‘em deserted and the others about fainted. Only help he got was from another of them lizardfolk. Good thing, too, ’cuz you see any guards that night? Not a one. It’s like I always say. You remember that time when the House of the Sun was sacked? You see any guards? It’s like I say…

[Elken resumes]
So that’s about it. The party mopped up. The rings in the dock and Otho’s confession were enough to clear Hobo’s name. The porters guild’s power is broken, we’ll see if they ever come back. There’s another gang in lowtown, I’m sure there will be others. Katrina will be buried tomorrow, poor girl. The Heroes they speak of in Fallcrest, they’re an unpredictable bunch, but they seem to be on the right side. Perhaps I can help them. Perhaps they can help me.


Hahaha! This is awesome. Best write-up yet. :)


I just finished Treasure Island. I think some pirate was coming through.


We totally need a pirate episode in this campaign. Aaarrrr!

Good story. Elken tells it well.


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